When it comes to managing your mission critical infrastructure, choosing the right infrastructure management services outsourcing partner is half the battle won.

With I. V. Capital Group, you take the first step towards aligning IT with business goals and achieve much more than a simple reduction of costs. I. V. Capital Group helps streamline your IT operations using global standards such as ITIL and provides you the flexibility to manage IT costs and operations tailored to your requirements.

As a chosen infrastructure management services outsourcing partner for organizations hosting mission critical applications, I. V. Capital Group provides the depth and breadth of expertise to professionally manage your critical IT infrastructure.

Benefits of IT Infrastructure Management Service

Here is how you start enjoying new financial advantages:

  • Cost reduction of between 20-30% of IT operations
  • Decoupling of IT costs from people and linked directly to Infrastructure
  • Bring predictability to the IT costs
Infrastructure Management Services Reducing your Total Cost of Ownership

Here are some components of the total cost of ownership that our infrastructure management services help lower

  • Support Infrastructure costs (Desktops, phones, licenses)
  • Facility costs (Air conditioning, tables, real estate)
  • Training and Re-hiring costs (based on attrition)
  • Personnel Cost (salaries, perks, travel)
  • Administrative Overheads (HR costs etc) How IMS Services Work
  • We start with analyzing gaps in your IT operations (e.g. you need only monitoring or maybe only certain specific skillsets)
  • We work on streamlining IT costs (through pricing per device model)
  • Next, we streamline your IT operations (through ITIL framework and SLAs)
  • And finally, we manage the high-level scope of IT (Move your business up the IT infrastructure stack; give you a full dedicated team)

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