We are seeking the following position to be filled:

  • Web designers (Strong imagination)
  • Web front/back end-programmers
  • Software/application developers/engineers
  • IT Consultant (Maintenance in-house web security, connectivity & for clients)
  • IT & Business Consultant (General knowledge of the industry)-Start-up/Existing Bus.
  • Prototype developer & Robotics developer
  • Freehand artist/CAD/Civil drafting
  • Mechanical/Industrial/Transportation engineer & designer
  • Paralegal (in house handling copyright filing and Hb-1 filing & import/export industry)
  • Consultant/Computer engineers that are license/certified to teach/educate in the Software engineering & web design field.

  • English to- Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, French, Korean, Italian,

Company Focus:
  • Telecommunications
  • Radio
  • Satellite( Orbit & Internet)
  • Finance & Banking Software
  • VOIP & Network systems
  • Security (Software)
  • CAD/Civil drafting
  • E-commerce
  • Data tracking & Reporting
  • Advertising, Promotion & email marketing
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a dynamic & fast pace work environment and handling multi projects/task
  • Traveling (Will assist in obtaining passport)
  • Team Player

    • Salary- $60k-$75k (5-7 yr. Exp.)
    • $76k-$100k (8-10 yr. Exp.)
    • Paid internship $35k - $39K
    • Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription, 401(k), Vacation, Sick days, Continuing education (Tuition support)
    Supporter of:
    • HB-1 (long Term Contract)
    • EB-5

    We are seeking individual for this new division to show their skills and the feel at home with our company and express there hidden imagination. We are willing to give the chance to those we hire. First impression counts and sample work you have done is very helpful. hr@ivcgrp.com

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