Our Services
Enterprise Resource Planning
I. V. Capital Group help appraise the right ERP solution that provides a best fit for your needs,
our focus is on balancing the quality of
packaged ERP solutions......
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System or Application Integration
Our application integration services include building web services adapters or writing bespoke adapters on appropriate Middleware. Adapter-based integration forms the backbone
for this level......
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Supply Chain Management
I. V. Capital Group's supply chain management consulting services provide the experience, capabilities and insight to help clients create long-term profitability and shareholder value through developing.......     read more »
About Us

I. V. Capital Group's objective is to help make your business more efficient and more profitable. We do so by providing small business consulting and advisory assistance to assist you in solving problems that arrives due to limited resources and lack of expertise. I. V. Capital Group's personal experience can help you remove these road blocks.

International Venture Capital Group, Inc. (IVCG) is an industrial export company that specializes in the export of......     read more »


I. V. Capital Group Virtual Consulting Rate:

The I. V. Capital Group virtual standard rate of $125.00 per hour applies to client work performed by I.V. Capital Group's Associates via telephone, e-mail, and web conferencing. Miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses, and/or the cost of purchasing proprietary, third-party data that are incurred will be billed, in addition, to the hourly base rate.

This fee-based program is purchased in blocks of time. One block represents one hour of time, and with the purchase of larger block packages, the hourly rate is noticeably reduced......     read more »

  • Web designers (Strong imagination)
  • Web front/back end-programmers
  • Software/application developers/engineers
  • IT Consultant (Maintenance in-house web security, connectivity & for clients)
  • IT & Business Consultant (General knowledge of the industry)-Start-up/Existing Bus.
  • Prototype developer & Robotics developer
  • Freehand artist/CAD/Civil drafting
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